Monday, June 8, 2015

...I did it My Way...

I got to thinking about the continuation of this blog, starting up again and trying to differentiate the person that was and the person that is. I made the executive decision that this blog can no longer sustain the person that is going through this transitional period. The sass versus the mysticism, the crass versus the kind, the loathing versus the loving. See what I mean?

I've got this way of ruminating over my past writings that makes me kind of crazy...or maybe kind of conceited (as I mentioned before). So out with the old, as they say, and onto a platform that can contain the sheer magnitude of this momentous occasion of the self-crowning of a new age divorcee. (I'll keep the chanting to a minimum, I promise).

The name? Kind of hokey, I know, but at my women's retreat a wonderful and quite spiritual crone relayed that message to the newly crowned sister crones and I've repeated those words ad nauseum. AD NAUSEUM!

So I get Universe...

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