Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Colour Me Bad

So Gina and I have a lot of discussion about color. Lately, we've been talking about a cowl that she's going to knit for me. Strike that...a cowl that she BETTER knit for me, or else. Anyway, we were talking about scrumptious yarn and awesome hipster knitters with names like Cecily and wearing sweaters while prancing around New England and looking like this.

Alright, I won't look like that, but maybe Gina would. Except for the pants part. Not that Gina doesn't wear pants, well...she doesn't, but I mean she doesn't wear trousers just skirts. Whew! That was embarrassing!

Anyway, Gina turned me on to the idea of having your own color palette (wikipedia breaks it dahn).

Color analysis, also called skin tone color matching or color seasons, is the process of finding colors of clothing and makeup to match a person's complexion, eye color, and hair color. It is often used as an aid to wardrobe planning and style consulting.

Color analysis is the process of determining the colors that best suit an individual's natural coloring. There are several means of analysing personal coloring. The most well-known is "seasonal" color analysis, which places individual coloring into four general categories: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. "Winters" and "Summers" have cool coloring. Some clues that a person has cool coloring might include ash tones in the hair, grey-blue eyes and pinkish undertones to the skin. "Springs" and "Autumns" have warm coloring. Some signs of warm coloring are red or golden hair, golden brown eyes and golden undertones to the skin.

Gina is an autumn, I think...which affords her the ability to wear all of these colors and look fancy.

Jessica, for the last few years of her life, has had this type of color palette.

I don't have any other way to explain why I wear black, except for referencing one of my favorite songs by The Smiths.

Lately, though, I've gotten a little tired of just black. Partly, because it's hot in the summer. Since I'm forced to deal with the sweaty and humid Pittsburgh summers, I've extended my color palette, too. Let's just not get crazy.


I don't know if color necessarily frightens me, but is a calming and protective color. Ask any goth kid how they feel about it, and they may tell you that they're into eating puppies or dressing like bats or whatever it is that people tell them to like, but the truth is is that you can hide so much behind black clothes: not just fat.

As I feel better about my own appearance, I find that more color finds its way into my wardrobe. I mean, look at that raspberry color! That's practically bright. Sort of.

So, I think I'm leaning toward olive for the cowl with some fancy button closures. Look at this pretty girl's mustard cowl!

I'm anxious awaiting late fall...I even have the wardrobe to prove it.

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  1. Laura -

    Yeah, I'm pretty excited for fall to arrive too...I made the terrible mistake of plugging in a pumpkin spice smell yesterday, so, all feelings of acceptance of summer vanished. I'm officially over it I think. The generic 'fresh' plug in oil whatever I got probably from walmart was nauseating and I couldn't take it anymore and the only other wallflowers or scentports I had were fall winter smells. I don't really have many favorite spring/summer smells, but I'm overloaded on everything thanksgiving or christmastime smelling. Ian told me his mom had a favorite pumpkin/cinnamon/spice smell when he was growing up and their house smelled like it year round. I like it :)

  2. God, I look just like the woman in the Autumn palette silhouette, no? Color Analysis scared me silly, but the friend who suggested it always looked so smashing that I had to give it a whirl.

    Admittedly, I cried when I saw "peach" and "mint" given three stars by my color analyst. Peach!?!? Mint!?!? I was a post-Goth New Yorker, for pete's sake!

    Yes, black is a nice security blanket, but sometimes you have to wean yourself from such things, and I think you are doing so nicely!