Wednesday, April 6, 2011

[Insert English Stereotype about Bad Teeth Here]

Breakfast is my favorite meal. If you have an awesome breakfast, the rest of the day is cozy and warm: that's a fact. One of my favorite places to get breakfast in the city of Pittsburgh is Piper's Pub. Not only do they have amazing Sunday Brunch, but you're also able to get English Breakfast any time of the day or night.

English Breakfast

Fresh Local Bangers, Baked beans, fried eggs, tomatoes and sautéed mushrooms served over toast ….9.95

English Breakfast might be my favorite breakfast meal. Not only do you get the fried eggs and delicious sausages (my favorite), but you also get delicious baked beans to fill you completely to the tippy-top of your stomach. It looks something like this, but I don't have the Motorhead mug. I'm kind of sore about that.

When I make English Breakfast at home, I saute mushrooms in olive oil until they've reduced and become slick and tasty, then I add halved grape tomatoes and continue to saute until the skins start to blister and come off the tomatoes. Then, I add the vegetarian baked beans and heat all the way through. In another skillet, I fry up some eggs over easy and place them on top of a super hearty and thick white toast. Then, I dump the bean mixture on top and eat until I want to throw up. I wish, though,  that I could find somewhere in the city (that isn't the Trader Joe's thats a fifty minute drive) to get delicious banger sausages.

What are banger sausages made of? I think probably fairy meat or maybe unicorns. Those are the only two species that I can think of that would produce such a deliciously magical sausage.

Dustin and I often made these delicious sausages with our Sunday breakfasts when we could find them in the international frozen food section of our local Giant Eagle Market District. When they eliminated the five frozen English foods in the International section, the sausages went with them, as did a piece of my heart.

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