Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Guilty Pleasure Tuesday: Gil Grissom

I'm a big fan of the kind of shows that can start and end a plot in an entire episode. This is probably why I like CSI so much. Why I like CSI: Las Vegas so much is really for one reason: Gil Grissom. CSI Miami has all of the gadgets, the drama and the diverse cast of characters, but that albino that runs things is just a creep. ugh.

Yeah Yeah Yeah, I realize that Gil Grissom is really just actor William Petersen, but I'm not particularly interested in the actual identity of this person more than I'm deeply and madly in love with this fictional character. He's a nerdy entomologist that is fluent in American Sign Language and can quote thousands of literary works. He's rugged and good-looking without being imposing and hypermasculine. He's hardly a television star in that way that so many are depicted as tall, thin and untouchable.

Grissom's character more than resembles Sherlock Holmes, who is my favorite fictional character of all time. Here's what wikipedia has to say about it,

Gil Grissom has a more than passing similarity to Sherlock Holmes. Like Holmes, Grissom is dispassionate with a fierce devotion to logic and little regard for societal norms of behavior; Grissom once smashed mustard jars in a grocery store to illustrate a theory ("I-15 Murders"), similarly, Holmes once practiced spearing a pig at a market to determine how strong a man would have to be to transfix a man with a harpoon.
Grissom possesses a Moriarty-like nemesis, Paul Millander, whom he pursues in several episodes ("Pilot", "Anonymous" and "Identity Crisis"). Coincidentally, "Paul Millander" has the same initials as "Professor Moriarty." There's also a woman, Lady Heather, in whom he takes an unusual interest, their relationship is similar to that of Irene Adler and Holmes. Both Irene and Lady Heather enchant Holmes and Grissom with their beauty, their wit and their resolution. Lady Heather is, almost always, wearing Victorian dresses which are reminiscent to Holmes' era ("Slaves of Las Vegas", "Lady Heather's Box", "Pirates of the Third Reich" and "The Good, the Bad, and the Dominatrix")

Dustin knows how much I dig him, but I think that it's particularly amusing considering how much he enjoys Grissom's love interest Sara Sidle, another introspective and foreboding character in the Las Vegas line-up. Leave it to Dustin and I to be interested in nerdy science weirdos from a fictional television show.

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