Friday, February 4, 2011


One of my favorite things to do (besides watch documentaries) is to use my vintage dishes. I have some great Pyrex and "Pyrex-like" dishware, as well as some ridiculous serving pieces full of kitsch and entertaining glam. Instead of just staring at them through the glass doors of my storage cabinet, I decided to have a brunch.

Inviting people over for a meal always provides the opportunity try out recipes, including these scones that were amazingly delicious...even without the forty-two pounds of butter that invade seemingly every scone recipe I've ever seen. I added a glaze that provided a bit of sweetness and flare.

Here's the recipe: Orange Yogurt Scones

Scones, breakfast strata, mimosas and avocado salad are one thing, but for me, the difference between having some friends over for a meal and having an event is one Frou Frou element: The Favor.

Favors are a way of saying, "when you take time out of your schedule to come to my house, even for a free meal, it's a big deal."

I kind of take favors seriously. How many wedding/baby shower (let's be fucking honest, theses two events are interchangeable) favors have you taken home with you and then said, "What in the bloody hell am I going to do with a miniature, clear plastic shoe filled with strawberry-flavoured potpourri?"

Favors have to be amusing, thoughtful and practical. After a particularly delicious brunch, what would be more useful than...


It ends a meal. It freshens your breath. It makes you kissable.

It's a bit of Frou Frou your friend can take with them and every time they have a piece they remember that you like them and want to spend time with them.

The favor itself may only last as long as the gum holds out, but the thought lingers well after even the last chew.

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  1. Hell yes! I am the first to comment!
    Those scones are making me triple regret having missed your Fancy Ass Brunch 2011. Will there be another in 2012? Do I have to wait a full year? Will there be Christmas in July? I have sooo many questions.