Friday, March 25, 2011

Lordy, Lordy, There's a Pretty Ridiculous Forty

A recent email swap I participated in was entitled, "40 Movies You Can't Live Without." Now, we all know (well, you might know, but if you don' you do) that my two favorite genres of film are documentaries and animation. With that being said, I wanted go outside of my tiny, little microcosm and really take a look at films that I couldn't live without that weren't necessarily just in those two categories.

I thought, at first, about making a list that was full of really arty movies that I thought were "good," but truthfully, I could probably live without them. But then I realized that I was being a douche: What difference does it make what movies I can't live without? The point is is that they're mine and however embarrassing they are, it's hardly something to lie about.

So without further ado:

1. Lost In Translation
2. Hot to Trot
(I might actually own the only VHS copy of this movie still in existence. I really wish I would've had it on-hand when Bobcat Goldthwait came into Starbucks that one time. no really, he did.)

3. The Nightmare Before Christmas
4. A Mighty Wind
5. Cold Comfort Farm
6. Pee Wee's Big Adventure
7. Fantastic Mr. Fox
8. The Life Aquatic
9. Hot Rod
10. Hot Fuzz
11. The Empire Strikes Back
12. White Christmas
13. Pretty in Pink
14. Office Space
15. Amelie
16. Pride and Prejudice (BBC Version)
17. UHF
18. The Tin Drum
19. Dirty Dancing
20. Peggy Sue Got Married
21. Trading Places
22. One Crazy Summer

23. Big Top Pee Wee
24. Trekkies (a documentary. in fact, my favorite documentary)
25. Monster Camp

26. Once Bitten
27. Back to the Future
28. Crumb
29. Best in Show
30. Home Alone
31. Stripes
32. Spies Like Us
33. Ghostbusters
34. Little Shop of Horrors
35. Elf

36. The Rocky Horror Picture Show
37. Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
38. Hedwig and the Angry Inch
39. Vernon, Florida (this may rival Trekkies for favorite documentary)
40. Grey Gardens (the original documentary, not the remake with Drew Barrymore)

I have to wonder, though, if my swap partners didn't lie about their movie choices, too. Then again, I don't that someone would like and switch their favorite TO Princess Mononoke, just saying.Best Blogger Tips

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