Sunday, April 17, 2011

Piggly Wiggly

After a delightful trip to Columbus this Saturday/Sunday, I am feeling revitalized for a lot of reasons.

1. Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams - Cherry Lambic Sorbet. A sour and deliciously icy treat for someone that doesn't especially dig the super-sweet and creamy traditional ice cream. It's also made with Lindeman's Lambic Belgian Beer. Swanky.

2. Northstar Cafe - Sweet Potato and Turkey Hash along with a ham and cheese scone and totally tasty iced coffee. I was easily full until a light dinner. Not only is this cafe full of genius and friendly staff, but it's business philosophy employs the ideas of sustainability. Let's hear it for locally grown and organic food!

3. These Shoes. I am officially jumping on the TOMS bandwagon. While initially I was a little irritated with the notion of this quintessential hipster piece, my own curiosity allowed me to try them on and witness their comfortable badassedness. Not only can I go without socks, but I can also look super hip while going without socks, apparently. I really want to talk Dustin into these as well, because when boys wear them, it's kind of darling.

4. I got to see my good friend Melissa and she looked really great. She's getting lots of sunshine and building a garden that makes me green with envy. She's also doing a lot of yoga with this totally adorable Yogi named Rodney Yee (via DVD, of course). Gina, another yoga enthusiast, is on the Yee bandwagon as well. I have always wanted to try yoga, but only went to one class in college because I was nervous about rolling around on the floor in front of my good-looking classmates. Finding a DVD at Target, I brought it home and did the 40 minute tutorial with Yee and was blown away with how relaxing and good just the practice felt in all of the muscles in my body. I am very aware that I need to exercise more, but I've never been able to find something that made me feel good. If I continue to feel this good about Yoga, perhaps this is the method for me!

The most ridiculous thing that may have happened this weekend happened after I returned from Columbus, actually. I had to drop Margo (the aforementioned car) at the dealership for an oil change and a bit of a scrub-up for the interior and exterior and my parents were nice enough to pick me up and bring me home. After dinner, we were driving back to my apartment when I noticed something AMAZING on the side of the road in someone's garbage. For a minute, my mind couldn't register the beauty of what my eyes had seen. I shrieked and demanded that my father turn around for this beloved pseudo dumpster-dive. The conversation went something like this.

Jessica: "Oh my GAWD! You have to go back and get that pig!"
Dad: "What?"
Jessica: "Miss Piggy, on the side of the road, we have to go back and get it!"
Dad: "You can't be SERIOUS?!"
Jessica: "Does this face look serious to you?!"

So my Dad turns around and barely comes to a stop in front of the house while I jump out of the seat and grab the gigantic, plaster and filthy Miss Piggy...BANK. Yessssss. My father, in his inability to stop, almost ripped my leg off and sped away before the door was completely closed. I'm not sure if he was envisioning an angry farmer with a shotgun screaming about us touching his pig...or what.

This has got to be the ugliest version of Miss Piggy I've ever seen. She's in a heinous boob dress and making almost a lecherous face and hand gesture. What is Miss Piggy trying to tell me? There are more questions than answers.

Why would someone have this?
Who made this?
Why is her hand there?
Why does she have a wonky eye?

I can't answer any of these questions, but I can tell you that this lady will be spending the summer in my container garden. I'm sure that Buddha will love the really classy company.

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  1. Come plant tomatoes and do downward dog with me! Just don't bring that terrifying piggy bank.

  2. How about, 'why wouldn't they break it vs throwing it away whole?'

    Break the mould, so to speak...

  3. Don't you just love finding treasures that someone has thrown away? I actually get excited about big trash day, because people toss out some amazing stuff!

  4. You neglected to tell me about Miss Piggy! I am utterly delighted that you've discovered how wonderful yoga can be. I know in my heart that there is a style of yoga for everyone.