Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Precocious Photography

As with any person that gets a new toy, I've been obsessing over my new camera and carrying it with me wherever I go, like some kind of wacky tourist on their first trip to America. I'm already kind-of over taking photos of the newly bloomed flowers, but I'm still not taking photos of random architectural feats...maybe next week.

I brought the camera to my aunt's house and my smaller cousins ventured outdoors with me to look at what I was taking photos of. She asked if she could take a photo with my camera and I had to say no: I feel like maybe I'm not old enough for this camera and she's five. She was good-spirited about the denial, and ran in the house and came back with her own camera. She shooed me out of several shots and made me pose for several others. Then pointed out the highlights of those photos on the "view finder" of her camera. Annabelle is probably the most precocious child I've ever met. At five years old, she's said some amazingly hilarious things that continue to catapult her status as "The Most Hilarious Kid I've Ever Met."

Today, for instance, I received a telephone call and went out to the porch to talk. She proceeded to sit right next to me and mimic my conversation in a perfect display of extravagant sarcasm: complete with hair-twirling and eye-rolling. She's a cross between Jackie Mason and Ethel Merman inside of a tiny little girl with, "popular hair," (at least that's what she told me it was).

When I took her older sister, Hannah, to the store to buy a present for her birthday, Annabelle's only reaction to what her older sister had chosen was, "You betta not get me dat for my birsday."

Although I'm not cut-out for motherhood, I can see, in times like these, why people would want children. Not only is it about an extension of your marriage or whatever new-age parenting crap people yap on and on about, but it is also about having the chance to take part in the life of a really cool person that enriches the lives of everyone around them. While there are plenty of children that do nothing like that, the few that do seem to be that much more preciously endearing and fun to be with. Best Blogger Tips

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