Friday, May 13, 2011

Bollywood Du Jour

via Wikipedia:

Saajan (Hindi: साजन, Urdu: ساجن) is an Indian Hindi film directed by Lawrence D'Souza. The film stars Sanjay Dutt, Madhuri Dixit and Salman Khan in leading roles. It was released on 30 August, 1991.

Aman (Sanjay Dutt) is a poor orphan who is befriended by wealthy Akash Verma (Salman Khan) during his childhood. Akash's parents adopt Aman and give him their family name, so Akash and Aman grow up as brothers. While Akash is a womanizer, Aman takes to writing poems under the pen name Sagar. The poems get published, and Aman becomes very popular. One of his fans is a young woman by the name of Pooja Saxena (Madhuri Dixit), who corresponds with Sagar. Akash meets Pooja and falls head over heels in love with her. When Aman comes to know this, he asks Akash to pose as Sagar, which he does, then Pooja and Akash fall in love with each other. A heartbroken Aman looks on, as he knows that although women may like his poetry, they will never come out openly and love him when they see his handicap. Akash discovers that Aman loves Pooja and that he is actually Sagar, through a string of events triggered by a Pankaj Udhas show. Akash confronts Aman with this and Aman submits that he loves Pooja. Pooja witnesses this encounter and becomes upset with both Akash and Aman. Akash convinces Pooja and she eventually ends up accepting Aman.

The best part of this film, aside from Sanjay Dutt, are the fantastic early 90's wardrobes adopted by the entire cast. Although I enjoy more traditional dress in most Bollywood films, this is part sweet 90's retrospectacle that makes me wonder how they managed to wear all of those layers of giant hair and clothing in the seven hundred degree Indian heat.
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  1. Thanks for sharing Bollywood movies. I enjoy watching them, and I love to get recommendations. :)

  2. @tiger1i1y

    I'm glad that I can be of assitance. I must say that my favorite so far has been, "Khamoshi: The Musical." If you can, check it out.