Thursday, May 5, 2011

Quiet! Mama's Busy Watching Her Stories!

I was going to write about this awesome home improvement project I did, but I'm really busy watching this Bollywood film and I'm totally enthralled.

Lucky: No Time for Love

2005 NR 132 minutes
Praying with all her might that her St. Petersburg school will be closed for the day, the naive Lucky (Sneha Ullal) is shocked to find her wish granted when a wave of insurgency sweeps the city. But escaping the rebels' clutches proves a dangerous task, one she can't accomplish without the help of a sophisticated stranger (Salman Khan). Working together, they slowly make their way to safety … but not before they begin falling for each other.

Anyway, Laura sent me a really great article about how worthless my Bachelor's Degree is. I feel like a million dollars.

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  1. As if we needed a New York Times article...

  2. Uhhh he didn't say it was worthless...he said "college graduates hire other college graduates" lol and I didn't send it to you to depress you, I sent it to you because I thought you'd enjoy knowing someone else knows colleges are ripping off people who don't know any better. I also enjoyed the guys' 20 Under 20 program and how pissed off some people got about it. Also, I'm not sure I understand Gina's comment about the New York Times...and lastly I think I finally got this thing to allow me to post on your page. Although it says Vanessa, so, I'm not so sure about that. But sure, why not.

  3. hi there.. !
    Do you watch a lot of bollywood movies? if you dont, then I must this .. this is one of the ones 'not supposed to be watched'.. hahaha..I could sit through this movie for more than 40 mins! Anyway.. yours is once of the most interesting blogs ive discovered through swap-bot! I like you writing style :) Will definitely come and visit again..
    this is 1teaspoonsugar on swapbot..

    ps. the pink flamingo in the above post is hilarious!