Sunday, May 29, 2011

Say Whaaat?

I was reading through the list of sold items that were featured on regretsy, and I came across a listing for a "goddess pad" that was sewn with vampire fabric. At first, it didn't exactly register what this term even meant, partly because the funny part was supposed to be this ridiculous fabric with a beefcake vampire with what looked in a hybrid of a vampire and Chippendale's costume. Check it out here.

So, I delved further into this notion of the goddess pad. Apparently, a goddess pad is a fabric reuseable pad that is designed specifically for the needs of postpartum mothers (not gonna lie, I'm not exactly sure what those needs are, nor do I care to really expound upon that limited knowledge). Not only does the goddess pad exist, but also a complete line of washable menstrual pads (including this one that features all kinds of classic horror monsters. Maybe I'll get this one for my good friend Jammie for her birthday. She really enjoys horror films...although, perhaps not that much).

My first reaction to such a product was another regretsy product.

After a "say whaaat?" and a little thought, I guess the goddess isn't exactly the worst idea that's ever occurred to an etsy artisan and is probably a welcome addition to every Earth Mother's organic wheat wardrobe.

I regularly struggle with the price of progress and the implications that it has on the environment, but this is probably exactly where I'm going to have to draw the line, for a lot of reasons. First, I don't have a personal washer and dryer, so I have to either go to a laundromat or take the laundry to my parents and use theirs: because I'm a dried-up college student, I guess. In this specific instance, I feel like it's probably appropriate not to bring used, but washable, menstrual devices to be laundered in communal machines. Ew. I hope that if I have that kind of decorum, that others will at least share in that worldview (in fact, I have to stop thinking about it now, or I will never sleep again). Second, well...I think it's kind of gross. As much as I fancy myself a Whoa-Man of the future, I can't help but get extremely shy (in person) about a monthly visitor that makes me feel like hell and never leaves a thank you card for a free-loading week-long visit. Some things are private for a reason, and buying cloth pads in zodiac fabric from a total stranger that's successfully sold these items to over four-hundred people is not my idea of lady-like and demure behavior.

Not that I'm straight out of a Jane Austen novel, but I find it really appalling that there is a website entitled, "Vaj Pads." It's practically a pearl-clutcher.

When did the essence of women's rights encompass such crude behavior, and why would you want a maxi-pad with a geisha on it?Best Blogger Tips

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