Monday, May 2, 2011

We (Don't) Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful

As I've said before, Morrissey will often write songs that can wholly sum up how I feel about a certain subject. With every passing album, his observational humour/wit gets keener. Taking a look at an earlier album, called "Your Arsenal," Morrissey has captured how so many of us feel about our good friends success.

"We Hate it When Our Friends Become Successful"

We hate it when our friends become successful
We hate it when our friends become successful
Oh look at those clothes
Now look at that face it's so old
And such a video !
Well it's really laughable
Ha ha ha ...

We hate it when our friends become successful
And if they're northern that makes it even worse
And if we can destroy them
You bet your life we will
Destroy them
If we can hurt them
Well we may as well
It's really laughable
Ha ha ha ...

You see it should've been me
It could've been me
Everybody knows
Everybody says so
Everybody knows, everybody says so.
They say, "Oh, you have loads of songs,
So many songs,
More songs than they can stand --
Verse, chorus, middle eighth break"
Just listen,
"La la la etc."

While this can often describe how I feel about acquaintances success (especially those friends-of-friends that are just fucking dreadful, but you have to be nice to them because they're your friends' friends and you don't want to be THAT girl that can't get along with anyone.), my closer friends are free from my ill-will. A great example is Mrs. Erin. I met Mrs. Erin at a previous place of employment and we have carried on a lovely relationship since then (I can't believe that it's almost been three years!). Erin is one of those people that likes to try lots of things and has a lot of success with many of them. Erin made pillows out of ties and tea-dyed doilies, and my mother still hasn't even given back my sewing machine. Just saying. I'm jealous of her patience and willingness to keep on going when I just get frustrated and throw something across the room ("You [Irish] are so hot-blooded!").

I know that Erin has been interested in photography for a long time, but recently, she's really started a prolific and talented portfolio that I wanted to give massive props to (props to? Today's awkward sentence structure is apparently not getting any better). So what sets Erin apart from those people that I fecking hate just because they're better than me at fecking everything? You know, I guess there's a lot of reasons. First, Erin is really good at making people feel good about themselves: no matter what they're doing with their lives. Second, she is complimentary without being patronizing. Third, even though she's a tiny little person, she doesn't dress like a cheap hooker. ha!

I hope that Erin becomes a super-famous photographer and gets to quit her day job. In fact, I hope that all of my friends get to quit their day jobs and become insanely fabulous doing whatever it is they want to do. That's what you should want for your friends, right? As for your friends-of-friends, they can still feck off.
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