Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Girl, Be Not Proud

Today I did something that I'm not proud of (that is, besides ending this sentence in a preposition).

I was in the company bathroom and a woman right beside me had deodorant lines completely marking the sides of her perfectly pressed black skirt, like little wispy roads. No one had told her. I could tell. She went about washing her hands and drying them complacently without a care in the world as to the marring of her suit. This smart suit with black hose, black patent pumps and a crispy white shirt. A bob-do settled atop her middle-aged head with a smartness (again) that comes with many years of hassling with ponytails and long locks. She was just. so. smart.

Too smart.

Just looking at her face filled me with a rage that comes with seeing someone just too smug for their own good. A flood of thoughts raced through my mind in two seconds and deduced themselves into one action: I didn't tell her.

I didn't tell her.

I'm not proud. I should've taken the high road (cliche alert!) and whispered in her ear. I should've gone to her woman-to-woman and told her about her accidental faux pas. I should've "helped a sister out," but I didn't, and I'm sorry for it now.

Why do we, as human beings, look at a person and think that we know everything of their existence within one second? Why are we so mean? Strike that...why was I so mean?

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  1. No way you shouldn't have told her if you didn't feel like it. Because if she had brushed you off by being brusque, you would've been mad at yourself for telling her. If she was embarrassed you would've felt bad telling her. Chances are it would've been neither of those things and she would've just said, "Oh no, thanks". That would've been fine, too, but it never hurts someone a little too into themselves to realize later on that maybe they have faults just like the rest of us. But you know what's good? Next time you see her, you'll be a little bit nicer to her (openly--not like you were rude to her before) and if she responds you will have a friend. If she's a jerk, you'll know you were right. Of course, I'm biased because I love you, and she's probably a creep. So feel free to ignore my comments.
    P.S. I am Jamie from AZ, but I'm commenting as Anonymous, since I don't know what those other options are.

  2. That sounds like I think you were rude to weren't. I just mean , your guilt at not telling her before will make you go out of your way to smile at her and THEN you will know if she's a creep or not. If she's totally wonderful you can anonymously buy her a coffee or give her a card at her desk or something Pay it Forwardish. If she's a smug beyatch, THEN you can say, "I think you have something hanging off of the back of your dress." and walk away. Either way, you feel good.