Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Kitten With Many Names. Day Five


Turn Ons: Attention from the Other Cats, Passive-Aggressivity, Treats, Hiding Under the Daybed, Getting Lost in the Kitchen, Chasing the Broom

Turn Offs: Strangers, Being Pet or Held by Humans, The Vacuum, The Coffee Grinder

Veruca has several names. When I found her at PetSmart (I have since learned to not visit the orphan cats unless I want to become an animal hoarder), she was a demure little kitten. Now, she looks like a stout little linebacker, and she earned the name, "Kitten The Hutt." When we were thinking about names for her, Dustin wanted to name her Truckasaurus and I wanted to name her Doris. In turn, she's been Truckasaurus and Trucker...because Dustin won't let it go. Her official Christian name is Veruca, but we rarely, if ever, call her that. She answers to Kitten mostly...but secretly, I still want to call her Doris.

When I brought her home, she immediately adopted Bertrand has her mother (who wouldn't adopt that homo? He's like a big motherly queen.), and definitely turns to the other cats for affection and comfort when she's scared. She tries to cozy up to Vendetta, too, but usually that ends with an injury. She loves Dustin the most of the humans in the house, but tolerates me to pet her once a his absence. When company comes over, she's a ghost. What a little turd. 

Kitten the Hutt is not amused with your antics.

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  1. At least she doesn't pass gas EVERY time we pick her up anymore. Although that was a pretty good defense mechanism.

  2. I'd completely forgotten that you had a 6th cat such was her absence during my visit. Have you managed to breathe again and banish the cigarette smoke smell from your clothing?