Sunday, February 20, 2011

Whole Lotta Charlotte. Day Four


Turn Ons: Petting and more Petting, All types of Human Contact, Cleaning Herself to Hairlessness, Petting, Cleaning herself, Petting and Digging her Nails into Flesh.

Turn Offs: Being Forced to Stop Cleaning Herself, Not Being Petted, Having to Share the Attention, the Other Cats.

When Dustin and I first saw Charlotte, she was in a cage at PetSmart. We didn't want any more cats, but we often went to look at her. After a month of her being in the same cage at the same PetSmart, we were concerned that she would never get a home. It seemed, to us, that cats never stayed that long at PetSmart. Dustin was steadfast in not getting another cat, though, so we didn't adopt her. I adopted her.

As a surprise for Dustin, I adopted her and brought her home. He acted sassy, but he loved having her and she loved being around us. As time wore on, she got weirder and weirder, though, and become moody and distant at times, while being needy and clingy at others. She started grooming and hasn't really stopped since. She's bald from the back legs down and has a bald patch on her side. We've tried almost every remedy we can think of, short of a lobotomy. As I always say, if I can't afford my own lobotomy, I'm sure as hell not getting one for the cat.

She's a sweet girl that makes every guest feel welcome by rubbing up against them incessantly and making us look like bad parents that never pet her. She also has that incredibly knack for cozying up to people that aren't that into cats. She's totally brazen about it, too, and you have to love that kind of moxie.

A Good-Looking Cat About Town.
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  1. Also, named from another character from the 'Making Fiends' cartoon. The polar opposite of Vendetta. Well, she used to be before she went insane.