Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Guilty Pleasure Tuesday: I Think It's Time I Start The Show

Today's guilty pleasure is two-fold. I guess I'm pretty vocal about how much I really love George Michael circa late 80's/early 90's, but it's a shame, though, that he's become somewhat of a creepy faggola in recent years, and had the NERVE to remake New Order's "True Faith," (Thanks Eric for showing me that...well,I think).

George Michael's "Freedom 90," is in my top fifteen favorite songs of all time, and the video is probably in my top ten...which leads me to another guilty pleasure: 90's supermodels.

Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista (especially Linda Evangelista), Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell...*le sigh.* These were the days when being a model was so much more than looking like an emaciated and blase hag in an expensive frock (that looks like it came from the thrift store).

I love Linda Evangelista, because in the right context, she could look like an amazing drag queen, a "wacky heiress" (a term I stole from Gina), or a stunningly beautiful muse. I can't even name or remember the face of one model now.

The days of MTV's "House of Style," and "The Grind," are long gone, and we are left with a smattering of videos made by convicted felons that think that singing is shouting their name over and over on top of a prerecorded backbeat and a sampling of a song that someone else wrote.

Not to sound like a senior citizen, but what is this world coming to when I can't even rely on George Michael to sing a great song, and I can't count on fashion powerhouses hiring quirky and insanely beautiful models?

What can I really rely on?
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  1. That Triumph motorcycle is hawt.

  2. speaking of super models, do you remember this:
    My guilty pleasure.

  3. Seriously! Look at La Linda in those photos above! She looks like a transgendered wacky heir(ess).