Friday, March 11, 2011

Holy Matrimony!

My cousin Adrienne married a boy named Matt today.

I wrote this three hours before I had to read it. I guess I work better under pressure.

I struggled with finding the right thing to say, and I couldn't figure out why. Then it hit me--about three hours ago. To me, Adrienne, you are still the little girl that Rebecca and I forced to live on the porch of the playhouse. You're still the sweet and prissy little girl in the black stretch pants and the colorful tennis shoes that your sister and I tortured mercilessly...and I'm still your older, most-talented, best-looking and smartest cousin.

That little girl that I knew then wore her heart on her sleeve. She forgave us everyday for the things that happened the day before with an incredibly lovely and wide-eyed optimism despite what we'd done. She was grateful to be around at all (although I still can't figure out why--we were so rotten). She was giggly and non-assuming. Precocious and tender. A bit of a crier--but you forgave her for that. Looking back, She was a pretty cool kid.

It is my fondest wish for you, Adrienne, that even though you're someone's wife and mother that you still maintain all of the qualities of that little girl and bring them with you into the rest of your life and especially into your marriage.

If there's one thing I've learned from being married, even for a very short time, that nothing in life is guaranteed. You could turn around tomorrow and your spouse could live thousands of miles away, but if you keep the qualities of that little girl in your life and impart them to your own daughter, I'm sure that you'll find the happiness and love that we all search for.


This is not the first reading that I've been asked to do for a wedding, but this is the first that I've written. I have to wonder why it is that people ask me to do things like this so often. Maybe it's because I look really horrible in dresses and I'm incredibly unphotogenic, so being a bridesmaid is completely out of the question.

Weddings are sweet and cute, but I often find myself misunderstanding the whole point. It could be that I'm just not the kind of person that needs a wedding, or perhaps I have a mild case of Asperger's Syndrome. Either way, after talking with my mother tonight about weddings and the like...I think that she feels incredibly lucky to be off-the-hook about having an expensive wedding for her only kid.

I'm still trying to talk her into writing a check and calling it even.Best Blogger Tips

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