Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lunatic Fridge

When I was a kid, my parents didn't have a lot of fridge magnets. I can venture to guess that it's because my Dad is a bit neurotic in that sense and doesn't deal well with the disorder of something haphazardly you would place a magnet. My aunt, on the other hand, had a fridge full of magnets, including ones that she'd made of my cousins (and one I broke but put back on the fridge and never told anyone until now).

When I finally got my own place, one of the first things I started to get were zany magnets. Dustin had a few Disney-related magnets from a previous trip with his daughter, as well as some really great Smiths magnets that I adore. It's gotten to the point where not just magnets belong on the fridge, but a bevy of postcards, greeting cards, and various items that we've picked up along the way.

I'm constantly cursing these objects falling off the fridge and the cats knocking them around the kitchen floor, but I'd never change it. It's a gallery that keeps my food cold, and when we moved to the new place in November 2009, the first decorative item that went up were the hundreds of fridge accents...because it's a fun and wall-mount free way to make a house a home.

My fridge is a representation of my life and my exploits: no matter how boring they may be. At any time of the day, I can glance across my kitchen and be reminded of the people in my life, the places I've been and the things that I've seen. It's pretty rad.

When I look at this particular photo, for example, I see a postcard that I got when I went to the gay bookstore with Garett, a photo of Plastic Bertrand that I sent to Dustin because of it's awesome ridiculousness, a magnet from Mackinac Island from when my parents went there and said that Michigan is boring and smelly (except for Bronner's. It's awesome and awesome), and a the corner of a Polaroid photo that was taken at the McDonald Fair when Natalie was visiting...and it was so rainy and gross that everyone was up to their ankles in mud but still came to the fair anyway because there's really nothing else to do in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

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  1. My fridge is not my fridge. There's a magnet for recognizing the signs of stroke. We received it at the hospital -- after my mother had hers.

  2. Your fridge is glorious. My fridge is jealous of the magnitude of your collection. I do have that breastfeeding kid one tho'.

  3. my fridge has an awesome magnet of a zombie saying "I heart brains", magnet of two owls "we're in caHOOTS!", two magnet clips things, some of the circle magnets. oddly enough, lots of little kid drawings. vet magnets from all the snake vets in the area, a magnet tom's youngest nephew made in preschool of his feet turned into a butterfly.. uhm.. pens and steelers magnets.

  4. my fridge holds lil kid drawings.

  5. OMG I like this fridge ! its so convivial ! I want the same one !

  6. Cool fridge. I am actually decluttering my fridge decor, so would you be interested in a magnetic donation for yours? Email me your address... eveyinorbit at yahoo dot com.