Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Guilty Pleasure Tuesday: Orange You Glad I Didn't say Banana

I ate these cupcakes yesterday.  I'm pretty sure that they're just a mixture of lard, imitation orange extract, red dye #5 (which I'm pretty positive causes hyperactivity and cancerous tumors) and flour, but hot damn...they're a tasty treat.

When I was on the chocolate wagon, one of my favorite guilty pleasures was to eat the chocolate variety in secret, while pretend to be a pastry purist that only dined on the most homemade and delectable treats made by grandma's recipes or European Pastry Artisans. I'm a fraud. A poor, lazy, and sexy fraud.

When you eat these cupcakes, you must peel off the sticky, lardy icing and eat it first. Why? Because if you're going to eat something so bad for you, then at least eat the best part case you have a heart attack before getting to the cake-part of the cupcake. Then, if you're still without chest pains, eat the cake part by pulling the cupcake in half and poking at the cream-filling. Why? Because if you're going to eat something that's made for children and truck should make it last.

Once you're finished, that sense of overwhelming guilt is normal and it is followed by a mild tooth pain and nausea. Just roll with it, because you'll forget all about it in a month, when you're standing in line at the gas station and you see these beauties once more.
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  1. I love how you described my method of eating these to a perfect T. And FYI- the chocolate ones are SO much better than these orange things!