Saturday, April 9, 2011

Missus Bean

Gina and I ventured to the new Teavana that opened in the fanciest mall in our area (they have a J. Crew AND a Coach store. Holy Yuppie!) and spent a billion hours in there learning about tea. I had a delicious iced tea with Strawberries and something else (that shows you how much I was paying attention). I learned this about myself: my heart will always be with coffee.

I love coffee more than most people love their spouses. I love coffee with a fiery intensity that people usually reserve for illicit affairs and untouchable celebrities. I crave coffee more than food and I drink more than three times the daily recommended amount. I'm surprised my heart hasn't exploded from either caffeine poisoning or undying coffee devotion.

I've worked at the two largest coffeeshop chains in the country and if I could make a decent living making espresso drinks for the rest of my life, I'd do it. If I had the money to startup a coffee business, I would devote every waking hour to making a business that looked at coffee with the same kind of excitement and intensity that I elicit for my daily pot o' joe. Wow, maybe I need to relax a little.

My mother's work is cool enough to have a food program called Good Apples that provides delicious produce and delicious food items that come direct from wholesalers to customers and are delivered to them at their place of employment. Score! One of the products that my mom gets for me is Raven's Brew Coffee, a product that I never thought that I could get outside of Alaska. To date, I've tried Raven's Brew Breakfast Blend, Skookum Blend, and Three Peckered Billy Goat Blend, and all were delicious and vibrant in a way that escapes the burnt and broken beans in Starbucks retail products. Yay for quality!

I hope to add to my coffee dossier with each passing cup and eventually, maybe I can incorporate my fanaticism into more than just a hobby or a pretty intense addiction.

Some of Jessica's favorite coffees (in no particular order):

  • Caribou Coffee's La Minita Peaberry
  • Eight O'Clock Coffee's Original (if it's good enough for nanas and paps, it's good enough for me. Being a coffee enthusiast is different than being a coffee snob).
  • Fortunes Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (a local coffee roaster).
I'm almost finished with my first pot of the day and then I'm off again for another coffee-tasting adventure!

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