Thursday, June 9, 2011

In Abscentia

What was once a day off turned into a full-blown hiatus. What a bummer!

The last week has really been a whirlwind of irritating details that include but are not limited to, the worst temporary job ever, a damaged Margo that was mercilessly defiled by a Chinese restaurant's minivan delivery vehicle, insurance company red tape, saving some cash with the Candle Shoppe's big sale, and finding a dress that actually fits and is flattering.


One of the highlights was this afternoon's activities that included a delicious sandwich from Panera. Here it is! I took time off from the Mediterranean Veggie, but we're back together in a loving and almost monogamous relationship.

I keep thinking that I'm going to get the vegetables and make this sandwich, until I realize that in order to get all of the ingredients, I'd spend a bazillion dollars and not be able to eat everything in time before it goes bad. The despair of cooking for one! The Oatmeal provides a cartoon that pretty much sums up what it's like. You can find it here, and it's freakin' look at it, goddamnit.

The next stop on the fun afternoon express was a pedicure. What was once a crippling fear of people touching my feet has almost bloomed into a passion for the pedicure. Now that it is officially sandal season and my body temperature has skyrocketed to three-thousand degrees, I have found it almost impossible to wear socks. I actually purchased sandals that show my feet, which is a big step for someone that owns a wardrobe that screams "Forever November." It pairs nicely with this dress that I found for my friend Bethany's wedding. In the style of the insanely long and flowy knit dress of the summer, I found one with the ruching in all of the right places (of course, I can't find a photo online). This dress and sandals may catapult me to the status of, "girly," if only for a day.

Pairing this with my mom giving me an air conditioner for my bedroom, this day has really brought the week around! This weekend is filled with fun activities, including the wedding, the Pride parade this Sunday and the Arts Festival! Yesssss! Pics to follow.


- crappy temp job
- Margo's accident while stationery
+ pedicure!
+ sandals that fit!
- the heat.
+ the dress!
+ a weekend of fun-filled activites.Best Blogger Tips

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  1. The sandals and the dress were divine. You looked smashing! I'm thrilled to have witnessed the girly-girliness.