Friday, June 3, 2011

Yays and Nays

I recently participated in a swap that talked about how blogs wrap-up their weeks with lots of yays (+) and nays (-). You can find it here. It's hosted by the lovely evey who also writes the blog for4days. The swap basically allowed for the swappers to write some bullets about their week: both good and bad. Then, you write those bullets on a postcard and send it to your designated swapper. I hope Bonnie in NC likes mine! Here's what I wrote to her:

- I broke all of my nails unpacking candle shipment today. :(
+ It was a lovely day today with perfectly lovely weather! :)
- I miss my husband, but he'll be home soon.
+"Sunglasses At Night" came on the mall muzak. Yessss...
+Hazelnut Coffee for breakfast!
- Working All Weekend.
+Simpsons marathon tonight.
+Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Bar.

Here are some additional bullets that sum up the week pretty nicely.

- I officially noticed how short the nights are, as I exited the mall at 9:20pm.
+ I turned on the air conditioner at the beginning of the week, but I got to turn it off at the end!
+ Agatha Christie before I go to sleep.
- Messy Cats.
+ Hot Date with Gina.
- I wish I was better (and more patient) with knitting.
+I finally found a wedding outfit!
- I'm kind of nervous about wearing the wedding outfit and being labeled a whack-a-doo.

The goal for to try, in the coming weeks, to make more plusses!

Here's a song that I heard today and it almost makes me cry.

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  1. Agatha Christie pre-bed sounds delightful! I'll get the Poirot listings for you on PBS, as I know you will love it!

    Personally, I think the word needs more wack-a-doos. I'm bringing my camera Saturday!