Saturday, July 2, 2011


I had posted in one of the very first Frou Frou Shit blog posts about how I had a thrift store obsession that was previously out of control...that was now under control. I have been doing so well with keeping my junk-shopping in check, but today posed a bit of a relapse...that I'm totally thrilled to report.

I went to a thrift shoppe the day before last and managed to not buy the following items.

1. A VELVET Elvis painting (not one of the valuable ones, but a pretty sweet painting).
2. A three-foot tall framed embroidery of a myriad of forest animals including an owl and squirrel.
3. A fall coloured soup tureen.
4. A 1970s men's red, white and black "Kimono" still in the packaging!

After being incredibly upset with the treasures that I had to leave behind, I was set on a purpose on my day off today to find some mirrors for a wall hanging I'm making. I was on my way to another thrift shop when I passed a garage sale. Garage sales are fantastic because they mostly feature people that want rid of their wares for very little, instead of people that are trying to make a career of junk-hustling. Although I didn't find any mirrors, I did find this beauty for TWO DOLLARS!

Now, I know,  I'm not supposed to be buying any more lamps (so says Dustin), but the lampshade alone is worth way more than two dollars and the lamp is in perfect condition. The color is gorgeous and it fits incredibly well into my preexisting dream of an aqua living room. Lamps like these usually cost a lot more and as Gina so astutely pointed out...I'm losing money by not purchasing this piece of retro Americana.

When I finally did get to the thrift store, I found fifteen different shirts to try on! Now most of them didn't fit correctly, but I was thrilled to even find that many to try and managed to find this vintage lovely(try not to make fun of me too much for the myspace-style picture. I tried to get a photo of the shirt with it's sweet polyester tie and insane print. I also have no concept of the appropriate way to hold a camera to take a photo of myself that doesn't make me look like I'm fifteen years old posing for someone that has been featured on, "To Catch a Predator." You get the idea about the shirt, anyway). When I was in Charlotte visiting Laura last time, we went to this really great antique shoppe that featured a vintage clothing store inside. It was an amazing slice of decades of fashion change, but the prices were high and some of the clothing was shabby. I was thrilled to find that this shirt has been treated with care (and has probably been hanging in the back of a Nana's closet for forty years) and it was also a yellow ticket item! Yellow tickets were 50% off today, which made this shirt $1.50! Beyond awesome.

Although I did leave behind some sweet treasures, I managed to find a few lovelies to fit into my home. I guess we'll see if I'm still allowed to live in the apartment when Dustin gets home and finds another lamp.
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  1. Awww man an embroidered picture with a squirrel and an owl?!!! Sounds like something I would die over. I too am trying to check my thrift store shopping. Don't want to turn into a crazy hoarder. Your lamp is an awesome find tho and so is the shirt!

  2. wait you left behind the embroidered piece with the squirrel AND an owl!??!?! Jesus Jessica-I thought we were friends!!!!! Thats like, my dream right there that you left slip between your fingers.. :(

    lol good job though passing everything up. LOVE the shirt too!

  3. i'm thinking you should have gotten the embroidered forest scene too. tsk. i'm pretty much over how many lamps we have - just as long as you can find a place to put them that isn't on the floor in the back room.

  4. Oh, what kimono envy I have. That sounds so Tom Selleck. Cute blouse!

  5. I'm hoping (and I'll pray if I have to) that the tureen will hold some delicious pumpkin curry soup once the weather turns! I'll bring the box set of 6 Feet Under...